My Rates

Average fee for a typical 45-50 minute session is $140.

There is no-questions-asked sliding scale fees between $100 and $150. You can decide and set your rate at the close of our first session. You will be invited to update this rate anytime you require it.

Currently, I am accepting private pay clients. I happily offer a monthly Superbill; please check with your insurance provider to confirm your benefits.

I also accept some Aetna and Optum plans. Please visit my Alma profile if you would like to use insurance for payment. Link to Alma.



I offer counseling to adults. Primarily, I’m meeting with people by videocalls, sometimes referred to as telehealth. I use a secure platform called SimplePractice. With your laptop or smartphone, we can share time together. If your situation calls for it, we can discuss options like sessions in your home or in a park.


I'm following OHA guidelines for COVID 19 safety. I look forward to in-person sessions when mask mandates are lifted.